Travel Insurance

When referring to Travel insurance, many people think of a continuous or annual travel insurance that offers cover for multiple trips throughout the year. People often assume a package of cover such as medical assistance, repatriation, baggage and accidents.

We offer various travel insurance policies with an international character. The insurers build up these insurance policies very differently and it is advisable not to assume certain covers. Depending on what you wish to insure, we may be able to offer something suitable. Keep in mind the different opportunities for Trip cancellation benefits, flexibility of the plan and the extend of the medical coverage.

Travel Insurance Options

The different insurance policies, packages and modules offer the possibility to choose the insurance and cover that best suits the situation and the plans:

ACS Globe Traveller:

  • The Globe Traveller Insurance is a single-trip worldwide travel insurance, created by the French insurance broker ACS.
  • The travelinsurance is a complete online insurance and offers a 'first euro' cover for emergency medical health and repatriation, including cover for Covid-19, plus covers for accidents, liability, assistance, luggage, delay and 3 optional covers.
  • COVID-19 cover!

Bupa WorldWide Travel:

  • international continuous travel insurance policies with coverage for (among other things) medical expenses during travel. For trips of max. 30 consecutive days (extension possible).
  • To be taken out as a continuous travel insurance (Annual), or as a one-off (Single trip) travel insurance.
  • Limited/no covid-19 cover.

Bupa Schengen Travel:

  • This insurance is designed to meet the regulations of the European Union for persons applying for an entry visa to the Schengen area.
  • The insurance covers you in case of acute illness or injury for inpatient and outpatient medical treatment, hospitalisation and medical evacuation back to the home country is covered up to EUR 30,000. 
  • Limited/no covid-19 cover.

World Nomads Travel Insurance:

  • Good coverage for independent travellers, backpackers, students and volunteers.
  • Flexible: extend when your plans change. Offered by JoHo foundation.
  • No covid-19 cover.


The best choice depends on, among other things:

  • how often you travel on average per year
  • how long the trip or trips take on average
  • your age
  • your health cover in your country of residence
  • which risks you wish to insure

You can let us know your situation, plans and wishes by filling in our online advice form (free, without obligation, then we can advise you and indicate which suitable options we have.