APRIL International

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APRIL International is a French based broker in travel and international healthcare solutions. They have 30 years’ experience and a strong presence in Asia for the last 20 years. April insures over 130,000 expats, permanent residents abroad and, in some countries, local citizens. April covers their medical expenses all over the world, including medical consultations, medication, medical care and hospitalisation. A presence in every corner of the globe so that April is always close by.

  • Offices in Paris, Mexico City, Bangkok, London, Montreux, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh.
  • More than 260 multilingual team members to provide you with the best possible assistance: the teams speak English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic.
  • More than 180 countries covered so you can live and work wherever you want!
  • An extensive network of partner healthcare facilities including in Asia, the United States and Mexico

The April insurances we offer: